You can’t pick the weather

COURSE ACTION: Ralph Johnson putts on No 18 recently.

COURSE ACTION: Ralph Johnson putts on No 18 recently.

Oh, to be a weatherman.

Make a prediction and if it’s wrong it doesn’t really matter, in fact isn’t that what we have grown to expect.

Temperatures for the day, well, we all know how hot it was last week.

On our back verandah, in the shade, it was 48 one day, 48.5 the next.

What does the weather on the tele tell us, Port Pirie, 41 then 39. Honestly.

So when the weather man said 36 for Saturday, we all know that it would be far hotter, say well over 38.

Anything over 38 degrees and the Competition for the day is cancelled.

So, you would think about that and come up with the conclusion that it would be over 38 and – no game!

But apparently eight hard hitting golfers decided to play and then wondered why there was no competition. Oh, really.

In fact one was so determined to play he was prepared to play on his own.

He did end up matching with some others and had a round.

I just shake my head.

The rule of 38 and your out is the Captain displaying his duty of care to his players and members.

Anyway, change the subject.

The Australian Ladies Open begins in Adelaide today.

The top Lady players from around the world, the likes of Lydia Ko, will congregate to play on the Royal Adelaide Golf Course.

Clubs that participated in a competition had the chance of going in the draw for a selected competitor to follow during the Open, winning prizes if their golfer was in the winner’s circle.

Port Pirie Golf Club happened to draw Cheyenne Woods and she just happens to be a niece to Tiger Woods.

I don’t think that she is quite in his category.

But, it will give everyone an interest while watching.

So much is happening around the Golf Club it is hard to keep up.

Meetings for this, meetings for that, the buzz is exciting.

The number of caterings are up, Friday Night Tea numbers have been outstanding, apart from last Friday when everyone had enough of the heat and had curled up under their air-conditioners.

Could you blame them!

2017 is going to be an exciting year for us at the Golf Club, lots of things are happening.

The Winter Season isn’t that far away.

There will exciting new opportunities for the Lady golfers, so stay tuned.

When we drive around Port Pirie, we see progress and works just everywhere.

The Sports Hub is abuzz with machinery, Alexander Street and Florence Street are blocked in places while the Council, Nyrstar, Regional Development Australia,  TLAP and the Chamber of Commerce brings us the “Come see Change” logo.

Work is under way at the new site on Wandearah Road, road works diverting storm water to the Magor Road dam.

Port Pirie is going through a great change and to be a part of it is exciting.

The Golf Club is hitching itself to this buzz and will be riding the wave of progress with the rest of the population and clubs in Port Pirie.

With the Captain and Vice-Captain living under the same roof, we will be nutting out our winter programme very shortly and will be investing in an exciting list of Saturdays for the season.

The Ladies hope to have an interesting winter season galvanising their position with the club and the region of golf.

There are some really good lady golfers within our club and we will be inviting those maybe lady golfers out there to come and have a go.

With weekend golf, this may even inspire some of those working girls to come out and have a go.

With the Grant from the Department of Recreation and Sport, decisions have to be made regarding a dam or tanks.

A lot of work for ideas and quotes are being thrown around. But believe me it will be worth it.

Until next week, Happy Golfing!