Big turnout for the ‘happiest place for over-55s on the planet’

THE newest addition to Port Pirie’s Lifestyle Village – its new community centre – was officially unveiled on Friday with more than 100 people attending the open day.

Guests were invited to look at the facilities at the centrepiece of the village which includes a billiards room, cinema, library, hair salon, fitness room and heated pool.

“Disneyland uses the motto ‘the happiest place on earth’, we want this place to be the ‘happiest place for over-55s on the planet’,” said Brad Perks, the man behind the village.

Among the guests at the opening day were former mayor Brenton Vanstone and Independent Member for Frome Geoff Brock, both of whom Mr Perks credited for helping to get the concept of the village off the ground.   

Mr Perks was proud of what he and his team had managed to achieve and that they managed to keep it “local”.

“We don’t have an office on the 32nd floor of a building in King William Street or fly in from Malaysia to check our investment. We are here on call seven days a week,” Mr Perks said.

“We used local traders and the money stays in this proud town.”

After looking through the facilities, guests gathered in the community centre’s dining area where Mr Brock and Mr Perks cut the cake to open the centre