Port Pirie's Street View Streaker turns herself into police

Street View Streaker turns herself in

The Port Pirie woman who made headlines across the world for being captured bare-breasted by Google’s Street View car has turned herself into police.

Karen Davis knew that she was wanted and made her way to the station.

“I thought I would save them the petrol,” she said.

“I have not been charged, but I have been officially reported.”

The 38-year-old was then interviewed and gave up a DNA sample.

“The reason why they wanted me to be reported is some high profile people in Port Pirie disagreed and thought I didn’t represent the town well, so they had to act,” she said.

It has been a surreal experience for the woman, who has had to deal with a lot of publicity, both positive and negative.

“I cried a bit today, but I laughed so much yesterday that I thought I had to cry a bit to even it up,” she said.

Police will allege that she pursued the Google car with her breasts exposed to ensure her photo was taken.

"The woman's actions were the same as someone flashing their genitals and the public expectation is that we take action," said local police chief Superintendent Scott Denny.

"Recently in Port Pirie we arrested a man for exposing himself in public - this incident is no different.

"It is not appropriate for anyone to expose themselves in public places.

"Our community should be able to expect a bit of decency”

Google Street View has since blurred the image of Ms Davis entirely.