Magnificent bush tucker garden at kindy

Magnificent bush tucker garden at kindy

A BUSH tucker garden has been opened at Risdon Park South Kindergarten with a traditional Acknowledgement of Country and Aboriginal activities helping to give an authentic feel.

John Pirie Secondary School students helped kindergarten kids to paint in the garden and read dreamtime stories, with John Pirie’s Britta Veale performing the Acknowledgement of Country.

The garden is the result of months of work, beginning with a grant of more than $2000 from the Northern and Yorke Resources Management Board. “Planting began in October and now we have 13 native trees and seedlings including Quandong trees, Old Man Salt Bush, Ruby Salt Bush, Muntries Bush Figs and Native Mint thriving in our garden,” said Andrea Tyler, director of the kindergarten. 

“The project helped students to learn the different native plants and their modern uses and signs have been fitted throughout provide an insight into how they were used traditionally.”

The students have been involved with the establishment and the maintenance of the garden, helping out with planting, watering and observing the growth of the plants.

“Today’s opening is not only a celebration of our wonderful bush tucker garden, but also the wider, local community which generously rallied behind us to make this project a reality,” Ms Tyler said.

“We are proud of this new addition which truly is a symbol of our close-knit community and will continue to be a treasured part of our kindergarten for years to come.

“I would also like to thank governing council members who put in many hours of hard work to get the garden up and running, too.”