Drug lab raided

POLICE uncovered a clandestine drug laboratory in Batty Street, Port Pirie, today.

Officers seized weapons, ammunition and drugs in raids around the city.

The seizures are a part of an ongoing investigation conducted with members of the Port Pirie CIB, patrols and the dog squad. 

The raids resulted in some marij-uana being seized. Police arrested a 48-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman, both of Port Pirie, on suspicion of serious drug charges.

One house in Batty Street was cordoned off after the officers found equipment and chemicals capable of producing methamphetamine.

Due to the possible mixing of chemicals being “highly volatile”, officers had to wait until the afternoon for chemical professionals to arrive from Adelaide before going ahead. Another house in the same street was found to have illegal guns and ammunition and the police were scanning the property with a metal detector to search for any buried weapons.

Superintendent Scott Denny said there was a “strong possibility the houses are linked”.  More information is set to come in following days.