Collision 'jacks up' rear of car

A woman was taken to hospital after a bizarre car crash in a shopping centre carpark at Port Pirie on Friday.

The elderly woman is thought to have been the driver of a white sedan which became jacked up on a big tree stump after the collision.

The rear of the car was suspended more than a metre above the ground as the woman was treated by ambulance officers at the rear of the Pirie Plaza Shopping Centre about 10.30am.

Another darker-coloured car was nearby and police took photographs of damage to the front and rear.

A fire-fighter who helped winch the white sedan back to earth said “someone has gone into reverse”.

An onlooker Richard White, of Port Pirie, said of the aftermath of the crash: “I thought I was seeing things.

”It looks like one car has gone backwards and slammed into a tree trunk, knocked it over and jacked up the car.

“It looks like the back of one car has hit the back of the other.”

Police at the scene were too busy to comment.

It is thought the white sedan will have to be written-off.


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