Caught with an illegal poker machine

SEIZED...The illegal poker machine.

SEIZED...The illegal poker machine.

"THE machine was delivered on Monday, July 7, about 10.30am.

I rang my brother to come give me a lift of the machine as it weighed about 120kg.

He came round about 1pm that day. We set up the machine and turned it. 

I then said to my brother, “I will go inside to get some money to test it out”.

On returning to the shed, I heard my dog barking and said to my brother, “hang on, mate, I think someone is here”.

I walked out to the driveway to find police and gentlemen from the liquor licencing commission standing in my driveway. 

They said that they believed I had taken possession of an illegal pokie machine today and they had come to confiscate it.

They had a search warrant with them and gave me two choices – I surrender the machine and avoid prosecution or they confiscate the machine and I am summonsed to appear in court – so either way I was losing my machine.

The whole process was voice-recorded.

 I had seen an advert on gumtree for pokie machines. I emailed the contact to get details.

I Googled government sites to see whether it was illegal to purchase gambling machines and it isn't, however what i didn't see in the legislation is it is not illegal to purchase, but it is illegal to own a machine – yeah, go figure. 

You can buy one, but you can't own one without a licence. I have had many discussions with the government department that confiscated it since doing so and they agree with me that it's conflicting.

Legislation is before the parliament to be changed to eliminate this.

 I paid for the pokie machine via PayPal.

The machine was shipped from a New Zealand gaming business. It is not illegal to sell pokie machines in New Zealand.

I had more than 30 email and phone conversations in a four-week period from payment to receival from the exporter and the middle man, so I didn't think anything was wrong or fishy.

I even spoke with other people interstate who purchased from the same comp-any and all had received the machines with no hassles.

They also said the business was great to deal with and I would love my purchase.

 My order was tracked from the point it left New Zealand to my house by Customs and the Consumer and Business Services.

 The machine was to go in my games room/man cave. 

I have spent money on the man cave and this was the final piece.

 The dissapointing thing is my order was tracked the whole time so why didn't they stop it from even entering Australia and that way I wouldn't have lost my money.

The visit was very confronting. I have never had any trouble with the law and to see police and government officials standing there was quite a shock.

The only thing I probably could have done differently was to actually ring the department instead of going by what I read.

It was certainly an experience I never want again or would want any of my family or friends to experience. 

 The local police officer was at my house for about 90 minutes, two government officials drove down from Adelaide – so minimum five hours travel plus petrol – $800 for them to have it crushed. Was it really worth the trouble they went to, given its price- tag? You tell me.

It was in a games room for God’s sake."